Connecting with our roots, by going within.

“My passage through pain gave birth to the pathway that I am able to share with you today. I became intrigued by the quality and outcome of the recovery process. I became in awe of the capacity of human potential, resiliency, and the momentum of healing. My journey has taken me from the depths of pain and sadness to the uncovering of a life that is vibrant and fulfilled.”

– Keira Wetherup Brown, Gossamer Path

Hello 🙂 I’m coming out of a few weeks of dealing with intense life stuff, hence my 27 day absence from here… but rest assured that I will have two new essays up for you this week. Today I just want to share this image I randomly spotted on social media yesterday. It resonated so profoundly that I googled ‘Gossamer Path’ and found the words quoted above. The first 3 sentences resonate… I trust that the 4th will too, eventually:

Version 3

And here is a post I published two years ago that the image reminded me of: “Intergenerational healing? Papu, Mum, Me… Freedom.”