They (try) to block progress; but we will block retrograde regression

Some words from Angela Davis, about the goal for the next few years:


Get woke, stay woke, and with a heart of love and righteous rage, stay ACTIVE.


’20 inspiring black women who have changed Australia’

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day (which is tomorrow), NITV has put together a list of 20 trailblazing Indigenous women who have changed Australia. I highly recommend having a look at the list HERE. The influence of these women extends from 1812 to today.

A warning that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders should exercise caution when viewing the article, as it contains names and photographs of deceased persons.

The first woman on the list … every time I read about her story, it haunts me (her photograph reminds me of many relatives who have passed on – which only serves to strengthen that feeling). Good to see filmmaker Rachel Perkins on the list.