‘Middle Way’

Below is the original text I wrote here back in 2010!

In 2014 I wrote THIS addendum to it.

More time has passed. Experiences have been had. So I am currently updating, not erasing, it.

Updated philosophy page coming soon 🙂







My obsession is FREEDOM in every sense of the word.

I am fascinated by the power of our thoughts to construct our realities, and the power of creativity, art and story to shape our individual lives, our communities and collective future.

Having experienced and overcome damaging relationships, racism, depression, fundamentalist religion, political extremism, atheism, alienation and disability, I have learned these three things:

1)    Our thoughts are powerful. Our realities and experiences are shaped by our perceptions. Much of the hardship and suffering we experience in life can be overcome simply by disciplined shifts in perspective.

2)    Neither left wing nor right wing, and certainly not any dogmatic tradition, hold exclusively the keys to freedom or human salvation… the best way is the MIDDLE WAY.


3)    All are ONE – EVERYTHING is interconnected. Therefore our thoughts and subsequent actions do not just affect our lives, but the lives of everyone around us, our communities, our nations.

I have found that change starts at the level of the INDIVIDUAL. It seems to me that true enlightenment and “progress” for humanity can only come when individuals, coming together, take a conscious ethical stance; when they make a decision to move past tribal dependency towards individualised awareness, and let that awareness influence their practice: their relationships, their choices, their work… their lives.

There are many who are already transcending the old divisions of the past and shackles of tradition, forging new identities based not on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or political factions, but, instead, rooted in a higher awareness and understanding of themselves as unique and powerful individuals that are part of a greater interconnected whole.

A lot of my personal reading and writing is driven by my need to understand this intellectual “diaspora”, and the various ways that the aforementioned awareness can be, and is, being put into practice: through grassroots movements, innovations, media, art, and activism. I’m also interested in lifestyle choices and creative projects that speak to this burgeoning consciousness movement.

My more personal writing is also influenced by this need to understand: other than my need to be aware of others and existential concerns, my personal writings are reflections on my own journey, as I try and incorporate universal consciousness into all areas of my life.

  1. Quite a philosophy. I like it and I’m not just saying that because we’re related. I say like it because it reveals to me what a good writer you are now, as judged by someone who speaks English as a second language and because your writing makes reading easy for someone like me.

  2. teremoanarapley

    Thank you for existing Pauline – truly, deeply inspirational!

  3. so insightful! thank you!

  4. Boina tuna, loved it

  5. Truly inspirational. I also love the way you write! Wish I came across your blog earlier.

    Power on!

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