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Rise of the Morning Star

An entity with passion to raise awareness in the entertainment industry through a collective of musicians, filmmakers, journalists, publicists, activists and the wider community to uphold equal rights for all human beings and utilise music as a weapon to fight oppression.


Free West Papua Australia

This website has been created to promote and facilitate various steps that Australians can take to help stop the human rights violations currently occurring in West Papua. It is part of a collective effort to change Australian Government policy towards West Papua.


Free West Papua Campaign

Activities and information about a UK based campaign for a free and independent West Papua. Comprehensive, with global news on West Papua.




West Papua Media Alerts

Report the latest independently sourced news from West Papua. They are entirely non-profit and rely on our support for their survival. Find them here:




This blog exists to alert the world to the ongoing atrocities being committed by Indonesia in West Papua, and developments to help bring about West Papua’s independence, both inside West Papua and on the international stage.


VIDEO FROM ABC 7.30 REPORT – Rare look inside West Papua Independence movement (27 Aug 2012):

VIDEO FROM THE GUARDIAN.CO.UK – West Papua’s indigenous people hurt by Indonesia’s resource extraction (17 May 2012):

Below is the Morning Star flag. Raising the Morning Star flag in West Papua has been outlawed – Filep Karma was serving a 15 year sentence for flying the flag, and has alleged abuse at the hands of prison authorities. Karma was found guilty of treason and jailed in 2004 after raising the banned flag at a rally; he was thankfully freed last year. The United Nations condemned his detention as “arbitrary”, while Amnesty International had designated him a “prisoner of conscience”.

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