Insecure: the unapologetic centering of dark-skinned women.

So I’ve written a lot recently about colourism and my interest in centering ordinary Black bodies in my work.

I haven’t yet watched Insecure, so I am trying not to read too much about it beforehand. But I am really glad I came across this take:

Why Is No One Talking About How Insecure Takes on Colorism?


“Issa, in all her awkward glory, is wanted by not just one but two fine ass Black men. Yes, she is wanted, not just settled for or tolerated. She is worthy.

That worthiness is neither conditioned on whether she’s glammed up or predicated on a big booty and tiny waist. She is worthy standing in the kitchen in an old t-shirt with a scarf tied around head without the over-pronounced curves usually required to make dark-skinned girls desirable. Yes, a slim chocolate girl in her panties without a booty that could double as a night stand is the object of lust, love and affection.”



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