‘How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy’ – tips for my fellow intuitive empaths

This may be a little woo woo for some, but as an intuitive empath I desperately needed the message in this video – every word of it.

I am still learning to set energetic boundaries; but there is plenty of wisdom in this that I will be implementing these holidays, to clear myself for the wonderful new year ahead 🙂

This is a summary of what the brother says in the video, with some additions – his 5 tips for deflecting other people’s energy, setting healthy boundaries (and attracting YOUR people into your life):

1) STAY 100% TRUE TO YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF, AND ACCEPT YOURSELF COMPLETELY. This authenticity should be your foundation. Everyone is here for a different reason; some will resonate with you and others will not. Some will resonate with you at one point then disappear from your sphere. Do not worry about this; as Will Smith said, “Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people – the ones who really belong in your life – will come to you. And stay.” Your authentic vibe will attract your authentic tribe, essentially.

2) REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE WHO GETS UNDER YOUR SKIN AND INTO YOUR INNER TEMPLE… and who doesn’t. This is the one I really need to work on; remembering what my needs are, and giving access only to the one who meets those needs.

3) ANYONE THAT PAYS YOU ATTENTION IS A POTENTIAL ‘ENERGY VAMPIRE’; YOU’LL KNOW THEY ARE ONE (OR HAVE BECOME ONE) IF THE THOUGHT OF THEM CAUSES YOU HARM. If this is happening, it is time to shift your attention away from them, to return to inner balance (focusing on number 1 is key).  This doesn’t mean they will always be a ‘vampire’; it may just mean that the dynamic has become unhealthy and some space is needed to reset the relationship, find those healthy boundaries again.


5) TAKE 100% RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ENERGY; YOU ARE EXPERIENCING IT, WHICH MEANS YOU ARE CO-CREATING IT. We co-create it through the thoughts that create the negative emotions; so we need to cease those thoughts and replace them with nourishing ones. Pay attention to Self affirming things. Then detach from those folks that are co-creating that energy for you by LOVING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF with affirming environments (basically, work on number 1!)

Additionally, I have learned that it is important for intuitive empaths to remember that we don’t need to (and mustn’t) shut people out in order to “protect” ourselves from the energy of others; all we need to do is LOVE AND NURTURE OUR OWN AUTHENTIC SELVES.

Fill our own cups to the brim, so that we can be present for others without absorbing them.

A gifted holistic counsellor and energy healer I have been seeing this year warned me that for a long time (since the beginning of my teens, actually) I have operated in the world with a deep seated belief that “I am not worthy”… specifically of food. Anyone who has met me will have noticed I am quite slender. During my teens, I developed an eating disorder (whilst I was being treated for a tumour… the worst time to develop such an issue). It had nothing to do with thinking I was fat (although I did have dysmorphia); it was instead a form of self harm, self punishment and control. Though my (non)eating habits were most severe during that period of my life, I have essentially been under-eating for years because of this deep seated belief. This belief has been blocking abundance, creative expression, and even love from other people my whole life; counsellor made it clear that I need to “heal my relationship with your body and food”, in order to break this self imposed curse, and completely unleash the creative power I have within me.

I’ve realised since that session with the counsellor that my lack of nourishment/care of my body is also responsible for my tendency to be completely overpowered by pain energies – both my own and others. I have a tendency to attract people to me that need both healing and awakening; being an intuitive empath, I naturally want to help those that come to me; it is part of my purpose to do so. But without a strong foundation (my body), I find myself drowning in the energies of the other; and my physical condition actually worsens. This has happened to me every year for the last 8 years. It has happened again this year. Weight loss, and related physical abnormalities. Every professional who works with my body has noticed. And I have received sign after sign that this is the vital work I need to do right now: love and nurture my body, and heal my relationship with it.

So I guess I have my number one resolution for 2017 sorted! 2016 was all about ‘Pure Connection‘; this has been a miraculous year for such connections and healing the misperception of aloneness that followed the intense trauma of my previous abusive relationship.

Now that I truly know I am not alone, 2017 will be all about working on my foundation – my body – feeding her, nourishing her, enjoying her – to allow the abundance, the love, and the creative expression that has been dying to come out for years to flow through me.


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