JUST THE MESSENGER ~ Decolonising my mind.

Updated the tagline for my blog – long overdue.

My old tagline ‘There’s a Middle Way‘ was appropriate six years ago when I started this secret online journal; when I had just had a life altering, inarticulable ego destroying experience (for real… that sounds so wanky, but this is actually what happened) and became a “spiritual libertarian” and detached observer of the world. These days, I am able to go in and out of that space, which is useful both personally (for inner peace) and analytically. It has an airy, watery energy.

That said, I have been in a different, more passionate space for years now; this is where I live. In this space, I am not interested in fake “balance” that upholds an unjust and toxic status quo; I am interested in alignment with loving justice. This is where the activist lives. Today, that energy is guiding the forward motion of my life. It is an earthy, fiery energy.

I am relieved to have reconciled all these energies within me; now I just need to reconcile them in my life.

And weirdly, it was Trevor Noah and the behaviour and commentary of ineffectual, privileged, committed to “balance” (white) liberals during Trump’s long, awful bid for the Whitehouse that helped me resolve the tension between 2010 and 2016. Here is an excerpt of an editorial that takes issue with Noah’s disastrous affect on The Daily Show (which I found because I am mourning what Noah has done to the show and searched google for takedowns of him):

Willa Paskin described Noah’s “The Daily Show” as flat and insignificant in an election that has been screaming for edgy, satirical evisceration:

He’s out to neutralize, not to awaken. How did the program devoted to scaling bullshit mountain in all its incarnations, the program that once had a gospel choir sing ‘Go fuck yourself’ to a Fox News correspondent, come to feel so beside the point?”

This is all to say that it is time to actually start listening to Noah and realize that, as long as he remains as host, “The Daily Show” will not now nor will it ever be a major source of political satire.  It will not offer comedy that informs and entertains.  The difference between Noah and Stewart will not simply be the fact that Noah is an outsider to the U.S. political process—it will be that Noah just doesn’t care that much.  [emphasis mine]

NEUTRALIZE not AWAKEN. I read that line and it struck me that this could be another way of describing the difference between airy watery place, and earthy fiery place. One is about balance and detachment; the latter about being WOKE… and waking up others too. The former provides respite from strong emotions and allows me to detach and analyse as an observer of the world; but the latter is the shit that needs to get done; and it gets done by the people who actually care. Fiery, earthy people.

You can read the full takedown of Noah’s destruction of The Daily Show HERE.


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