Body, meet soul.

I am in the process of cultivating a new physical~exercise routine at the moment, so I thought I’d re-post this post, ‘The Healer’.

I published ‘The Healer’ – back in 2012. The singer/artist Erykah Badu randomly followed me on Twitter in 2014. Prior to that, I had printed the below picture of her on my wall with her looking up at my red rose twitter pic, with the words “you are evolving quickly” below the rose… for no particular reason. I do this all the time – I play with images guided by my senses, with no conscious goal other than to amuse myself or make myself feel feelings I want to feel; then I print them and stick them on my walls. I started doing this during serious bouts of depression, as a way to escape my own head; now it is simply a way of life. My office walls are a colourful crazy mess – a mural of the superconscious.

So… tonight I’m imagining physical transformation: a strong, healthy body, and feeling at one with it 🙂 So that I can do what I came here to do.

I wish you the same feeling. New post in 7 days.

The Healer

erykah evolve

Who I listen to at the moment before I do warm-up exercise… puts me in a nice easy headspace:

“…Humdi Lila Allah Jehova…”

“…Yahweh Dios Ma’ad Jah…”

“…Rastafara fyah dance…”

“….sex, music, hip-hop.”

The Healer.

3 tracks in listening to my avant-Goddess, and mothaf***er we rollin (literally… I use an armcycle)


Still RE-ENERGISING… getting some air and counting your blessings is a great way to do that. So grateful and present right now 🙂



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