Blog updates & life updates.

Some updates. Firstly, see above menu bar – I have restored the two pages I created back in 2012:

Free West Papua

Mental Wellness

I have updated them both.

More on West Papua soon.

Secondly, I am starting a new editor gig related to systemic inequality in the corporate workforce/economy that inhibits both women and men (blocking women from contributing at a high level and career advancement; blocking men from spending time with their children and community), so I’ll be thinking and writing a lot about that topic this year too. It’s something I have been reading about and contemplating obsessively in my spare time for several years now – so I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve in this area.

Other than that… my melanesian~pacific feminist outlet Stella Magazine and freelance writing work (including re: disability); web series + script development in the off-peak hours. A friend has a gig with the production company that made ‘Rake’ and ‘The Principal’ and I will be picking her brain about the business side of all that, whilst another producer friend has told me to get off my ass and finish my scripts (I will be endeavouring to polish up some stories over the next few years. Intuitively I know I mustn’t hurry, though, and that I have no need to).

Really endeavouring to not overwhelm my mind and body this year – to keep a slow, steady giant tortoise pace, and designate plenty of time for the important things: health, friendships, family, my soul. So naturally I will endeavour to post something here every 10 days 🙂 Have a great day.


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