Renewed (again)

I’ve updated my ‘About this Blog’ page too – as follows:

My name is Pauline Vetuna, and this is my blog. 

I am an ‘INFJ. A writer, editor, communications gun, scriptwriter and future filmmaker focused on consciousness-raising – and healing – media and art.

Ideas are what interest me; my all-consuming hobby is teaching myself about the world and the universe, and I love festivals, Pacific and Indigenous art and cultural events. I adore writing because it allows me to indulge this interest. I like to look at the global and connect it to the local, and the individual: socio-political and economic challenges, human rights, environmental challenges, psychological trends, human relationships, animal rights  and ‘enlightenment’.

Physically, I live with a disability (very incomplete quadriplegia and paraplegia – long story), negotiating a society unfortunately still laden with discriminatory blocks to my full participation and acceptance in it; and am continuously working on my mental wellness, having in my first 31 years (of what I feel will be an extremely long life) sustained multiple and varied emotional traumas that have forced me to learn and seek to master a variety of psychological healing methods.

I’m also an Australian and an immigrant living in a diverse neighbourhood in the suburbs, having been born in Papua New Guinea (a genuinely beautiful, warm and utterly unique country with serious troubles, particularly for women and girls) and migrating with my family shortly after (my broadcaster father was offered a gig with ABC’s Radio Australia; he worked for them for 25 years). So baby girl me lucked out and ended up in Melbourne, “the world’s most liveable city”. This has basically been my home ever since.

Over the past seven years, I’ve become increasingly interested in connecting to my Melanesian/indigenous roots. To this end, I seek to connect with like-minded Pacific Islanders and Indigenous peoples of this region, Oceania; to learn about the cultures that were lost due to colonisation, the cultures that thrive today, and the challenges we face – which inevitably connect to challenges the whole world is facing. Most notably, the subjugation of the feminine, the global economic system, and climate change.

And I write long-form feature articles for Stella Magazine, ‘The Star of The Pacific’ – a fantastic specialty print and digital magazine distributed globally – in addition to writing many of the magazine’s website blog articles. Doing so has and continues to allow me to cultivate understanding of the beauty and complexity of this region and work with stunningly talented Pacific creatives. It fulfils this urge I have to connect with my roots – in my own way.

On this obscure blog, I write about all of this. I publish my thoughts on things that I learn and reflections on personal and professional experiences. Occasionally, I link to work I’ve created that can be accessed online. I do this on the off chance that someone will stumble upon something they connect to every now and then (amazingly, this does happen from time to time).  In 2016, I’m aiming to post something every 10 days.

I started this blog in 2010 and named it Just the Messenger, because my goal as a writer is to get my ego out of the way (as much as is possible for a prideful writer) and focus on the ideas that need to be conveyed through it. The process of writing – and this blog – is actually a spiritual practice for me. As for the tagline,  “There’s a Middle Way”: the topics here may vary, but there is a connecting theme, a spirit running through everything I write. You can read the ‘THE MESSENGER’ and ‘MY PHILOSOPHY’ pages for more insight into that.

That is all. You deserve a cookie for reading this far 🙂


My Email:

I need a new photo too – that pic was taken three glasses frames ago. But I have to get my hair did first. Also long overdue.


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