This is important.

Please watch these videos. All the way through.

REAL MEN aren’t violent towards women. 

And real men try to CHANGE, learn and grow, if they have been in the past. 

[A warning that the following videos contain accounts of extreme violence]



“90% of violence is perpetrated by a man, so it’s men who have got to fix it. And good men like yourself, like me hopefully, and others, we’ve got to say to people that violence isn’t acceptable against a woman… or anyone for that matter.”

‘Patrick Stewart on violence against women’:

“Let’s be clear – domestic violence is a crime. Violence is a choice a man makes, and he alone is responsible for it. And its practice, its habit, can be passed on.” Patrick has first hand knowledge of the horrors of violence against women.

‘Tony Porter: A call to men’ (TEDX talk):

“My liberation as a man is tied to your liberation as a woman.” Really fucking honest stuff here from Tony, on the collective socialization of men. 

‘Men against Violence Against Women: Stop the Violence, Start the Change’ (excellent – looking at men across the globe taking a stand against gender based violence):

“We need to promote healthy models of masculinity, but to do that, young men and boys must be encouraged to become the advocates we need. We need this generation of men to make a break from the ingrained behaviour of generations.”

30% OF WOMEN worldwide experience intimate partner violence. It is the most common type of violence against women.

ONE WOMAN EVERY WEEK is killed by a current or former partner in Australia. 36% of all homicides take place in a domestic setting; 73% of those involve a woman being killed by their male partner.

ONE IN THREE WOMEN in Australia over the age of 15 reports having experienced physical or sexual violence at some time in their lives.

And according to the paper Understanding the Statistics About Male Violence Against Women, less than half of women who experience domestic violence report the assault to police.

Further, only 30 per cent (18,000) of the estimated 60,000 adult sexual assaults are reported to police each year.


This crime, and it’s after effects, can be found at EVERY LEVEL OF SOCIETY.


Including in Australia.


Men have the power to change this. Find out how HERE.

‘White Ribbon Day in Lakemba – Australia’s Campaign to Stop Violence’:


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  1. Thanks, Pauline.
    Here’s a link to Archie Roach singing “Walking Into Doors,” which has me in tears every time I hear it.

    Incredible healing ahead, I hope.

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