“A Letter to my Younger Self”

I don’t know how I missed THIS wonderful piece of writing. Pride against prejudice indeed.

Do read it. This is real shit.

Cultural conditioning, structural oppression, social rejection, social inclusion, sexual empowerment, relationships, the human desire for love, freedom and (self) acceptance… all in one beautifully cohesive,  intimate piece.

And this paragraph:

“This is possibly the most important thing anyone will ever tell you…” 

Cripdom is complicated. And that’s okay.


Coincidentally, this is Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week. Want to know more about how Spinal Cord Injury affects the body,  mind, and practical life of those affected? Click HERE and  HERE.

The list at the end of the 2nd link looks scary, I know, but the way people are affected by their injury, or injuries, varies. I am pretty lucky, all things considered. I just need to take good care of my body and mind – which admittedly is something I am not naturally good at. 

Now. Because it is also healthy to be a tad skeptical, I’ll end with a piece that questions the sincerity of some of the groups who get on board with the whole “Awareness Week” thing, and the effectiveness of some kinds of “awareness-raising” schemes: “It’s Spinal Injury Awareness Week! Or is it?


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