The Community Reading Room!

The Community Reading Room at Colour Box Studio is open for just three more days!

Conceived, designed, run by the fabulous Torika Bolatagici. Such an amazing pop-up space she’s created… books, culture, ideas, music, tea…

Informed and inspired by the collection of artist reference material at the Stuart Hall Library (Institute of Visual in London) and other art archives, (Asia Art Archive, ‘Ulu’ulu, Austalian Centre for Asia Pacific Art), Torika has presented a prototype for the seed that she hopes will eventually grow into a community reading room located here in Melbourne. The collection has hosted a range of published resources specialising in visual arts culture and cultural identity – with a special focus on contemporary work from Oceania and other established and emerging diasporic communities in Australia.

Not only will the archive create a repository of research material and artist folders, but the space will also host a regular reading group and workshop and lectures for artists and researchers whose work engages with contemporary international visual culture.

I stopped by on Monday and got snapped on Instagram “reading” (eating cookies, staying warm):

Pauline Vetuna - Copyright T Bolatagici 2013

Copyright T Bolatagici 2013


Wearing a between-hair-washes beehive, yo – but still embracing the Fro, most of the time. I’m not on Instagram… will probably set up one for this blog eventually. Then I’ll have to get some kind of life so I have things to take pictures of !


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