Hi again 🙂 Sorry didn’t post on the weekend – have been extremely tired thanks to all-over-the-shop sleeping pattern this past couple of weeks.

Last Saturday, however, as part of the Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival (see below) I had the good fortune of organising and participating in the Pacific Writing and Poetry Workshop Intensive, which was facilitated by the lovely Alia Gabres (Centre for Poetics and Justice). We had a diverse group of writers in this intimate workshop – teenagers, and elders, and everything in between. It was a wonderful, inspiring session. The workshop is connected to the festival’s huge Community Day – and three of the participants are performing a self-penned piece on the day!


The Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival (CPAF) has been developed by Footscray Community Arts Centre and the Big Island Collective to bring together a series of events that showcase excellence in Pacific contemporary arts. This exciting cross artform event includes exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, a community day celebration, forums and much more!

The Big Island Collective is a newly formed group of artists and arts practitioners living and creating in Melbourne. They have come together to co-curate and co-produce CPAF, bringing together artists from across the Pacific and Australia.

Festival is getting mad press.

I’ll upload the program here as soon as I figure out how to.

Bookings for individual events and workshops HERE (follow the links on the page)

More on the festival, and OTHER new posts, soon.


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