Love beats ‘Hate’.


A little too preoccupied with other stuff to post on the topic I vaguely wanted to this weekend. In terms of life I have nothing much to report, other than I feel so at peace with healthy, whole, simple living – except when I am writing, which is always an intense, nourishing, exhilarating, difficult, infuriating, confronting, and cathartic process… all at once.

This is my jam 🙂 There are few other activities other than sex or perhaps bungee jumping (or scuba, when I finally get my license) that would allow me to fully express my energy, and when I’m not doing it (writing, that is), I wilt like a dying flower. My writing is me. I sense I really am on the right track. I just need to WORK (and create work), and continue building my own strong, individual life.

It’s not going to be smooth sailing (it never is) but I feel stronger and healthier within myself than ever, which means I will be able to work more – not utterly paralysed by the pain in my head, which I have been at various times. Giving how psychologically annihilated, damaged, I was two years ago, lost and alone and in therapy (for reasons quite separate to career & poverty concerns) I am astonished at my recovery, and very, very, grateful.

Something’s looking out for me 🙂 My life has been very “Job”-like (biblical reference – look it up). But keep your heart space clear and you cannot go wrong, I tell you. I have really powerful faith, in myself, in Life. And I am fucking glad I do.

On another note, I had complementary tickets to see ‘Hate’ at the Malthouse with some classmates on Friday. I read the reviews before hand. Whoa. It must be so difficult for actors to go forth and put their all into a performance after receiving a critical caning like that. Nonetheless, watching material that doesn’t work is as educational, if not more educational, than watching things that do work.

There is much light to be found in the dark.


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