White Night. Sunday Morning.


“Everyday is Saturday night… but I can’t wait for Sunday morning.”

Last night I went to check out some of the free events (having completely forgotten to book for the ‘special’ events I’d intended to go to) that were on as part of Melbourne’s first White Night’. Unfortunately, pain levels were high, I brought the wrong glasses (so couldn’t see), lost my people, and had a phone that steadfastly refused to send messages or make clear calls from 8pm to about 11.30pm (although I was able to receive them – which made it more frustrating). I was so hungry too, so I spent most of the evening just trying to get some food. By 11.35pm I was summoning a cab at Doherty’s and thoroughly over it. Even though Bombay Royale had just started playing.

I really wanted to enjoy what was on offer and I usually like getting lost in ‘festive’ crowds, but in the state I was in last night, the density was just too much (although people were lovely, at least to me – so many SOBER strangers offered me assistance or just wanted a chat. I consider this a good thing). I also enjoyed the novelty of rolling in the middle of the street (suck it, traffic!!!). Yet so much about the corner of Melbourne I was trapped in was underwhelming. The building exterior projections across the lower end of the city that I managed to see were exquisite, however on my way to Degraves St to get a beverage I saw a sizable group of people congregating around what they thought was some kind of art installation. Before realising it was actually just a smoke machine behind a fence, with some cables (wait – maybe that was art? The people watching the ‘nothing’, I mean. That would be quite poetic). And I swear every 3rd conversation I overheard was about where to take a slash – evidently available toilet facilities were hard to locate. I didn’t even bother looking for accessible facilities, and I must have been dehydrated as not once did I need to use one (thankfully).

Yet I know had I been able to see more of the city, I probably would have had a better experience, even with pain. And if my phone wasn’t the Bermuda Triangle of telecommunication last night I would have been able to download the White Night app and reconnect with my people. And things probably got awesome after midnight. So I’ll of course give it another crack next year – next time with special event tickets secured. True to form, I forgot to take photos of what I did see (other than the accidental shot above, which captures a little of the Flinders Street lighting effects). The only thing I managed to capture properly was this video of ‘World Without Sun’, at the very beginning of the night, while I was waiting for someone (I actually quite liked this, and the concept behind it – quality sound and light is always a compelling combination. Pardon the shakiness. And graininess – upload virgin):


After the night I arrived home at 12 am exhausted, a curmudgeon. I climbed into a cozy bed and felt like I never, ever wanted to get out of it – happiest and most content I’d been all day. There are times when all I wanna do is just be peaceful and boring and suburban at home.

Easy Sunday is feeling like nirvana, right about now. Especially with a cup of tea and a paper.

Mmmm Sunday…… 🙂


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