1 Million Stars to end Violence.

As I mentioned in this ‘White Ribbon Day’ post, friend / huge-hearted sista Maryann Talia Pau conceived and continues to lead the 1 Million Stars public art project. Please do read about it in her own words HERE.

Here’s the lastest update!


Free Star WEaving workshops are happening in Melbourne and interstate. The aim will be one each month (a few hours long) until December.

FREE Workshop number one is happening on Saturday 9 March at Northcity4 from 1-3pm. More details HERE.

At its heart, 1 Million Stars consciousness is about building “collective courage that inspires everyone to be light and stand up to all forms of violence, including physical, emotional, racial, gender and religious.”

The project is thus far supported by The Thousands, Global Leadership Foundation, The Social Studio, Melbourne Free University, Frankie & Swiss, Brunswick Baptist Church and the Pacific Women’s Weaving Circle, to name a few.

Details on INSTALLATION will yet be revealed.


Just before Christmas last year, Maryann received 2 lots of 100 star packages – one each from local Brunswick woman Annie Quail, and Aunty Maureen Lander from Aotearoa, NZ.

Some students from Wellington Point Hight in Brisbane supplied stars last month!

Star number is estimated to be around 5000 now but an official count will probably be done after Easter.

If you are kindly making stars, and have a few now to unload, please send them through to Maryann and the project before Easter or shortly after. Spread the word 🙂

Love & Light.


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