Happy Monday 🙂

I’ve added a name to the post I published yesterday, PEACE: A degree south collective exhibition – much thanks to Taloi Havini for letting me discuss our discussion.

She asked the question recently: “how can one find true and inner peace in conflict zones? Peace is not just when war is on pause.” Unknowingly this is what I was reflecting on yesterday, before the question came. Again, thanks Havini.

The MGA is also near my old neighbourhood(s). Interesting to note I can go back there and grab a burger without feeling queasy or being assaulted with bad memories, so I guess I’m finding my own ‘peace’ too.

Alright… need some breakfast!!! I was ill yesterday and barely ate a thing, oy. So hungry. Saw a single cloud this morning and I swear it looked like a giant muffin.


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