7 tips for the Creative Introvert Entrepreneur.

This article was sent to me yesterday – it has 7 tips for those of us introverts whose introversion can be both a blessing, and a potential business handicap. Oddly enough, I’ve already been doing these things, unknowingly (I am an INFJ):


I would describe the tips as spiritual rather than practical (I will hold off on providing business advice on this blog until I’ve mastered that myself!). The article’s author, Leanne Taylor, discusses some of the “double-edged” gifts of introverts, which can make the “extrovert” activities of business, outer engagement, and self-marketing, et cetera, anxiety-provoking exercises. And the things we can do to overcome them.

Fear not, introvert! There is hope, and you can even learn how to enjoy that stuff – and do it your own way. 😉

P.S. In regards to tip 2, I would add that you can always use your own talents to help promote/support those who support you – it should never be a one way street! Give!


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