Unblocking the Writer.

“Today looked like cerise, and it tasted like honey & lemon peels.” 

My perfectly sober brain, 5 minutes ago.

Holy shit wp-admin can be infuriating! I mean, good night 🙂 Or Marum, in Kuanua.

My brain has been having some sublimely unusual thoughts today (SUNDAY… although I realise it is after midnight already). I am not sure what to make of it all. Nonetheless, any irregular thoughts that don’t produce a mountain of anxiety – and result in me wanting to crawl into a hole and hide – are positive, in my experience. Incidentally, playwright bootcamp began this weekend, too.

Speaking of, who would have thought that getting in my body would be the key to overcoming writer’s blocks – both creative and personal? Certainly, not me. Which is why it is so valuable to be taught/counselled by an established actor & playwright. This student has much to learn. And the work of the next five months has truly begun: art, theatre, freelancing, and, most importantly, taking care of myself. It’s on. Into the unknown again!

This is how I feel right now:

Hmmm. Observer notes that the subject’s sense perception seems to be waking up.

[POST I intended to post on Sunday will be posted at 9am – it’s a long one! Apologies, but I just had too many distractions today]. 


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