More photos of Rabaul.

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Tavurvur Erupting

Photo by [RUSTII] taken on June 2, 2009 – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Show him some love HERE –

Outside Rabaul harbour, looking towards it – via

Rabaul  - Papua New Guinea

50 toea coconuts! At Kokopo Market. By Rita Willaert, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Show her some love HERE –

Rabaul  - Papua New Guinea

Market Women 🙂 by Rita Willaert, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Betelnut Girls

Their hair isn’t dyed – fairer hair is common amongst Tolais. That there in front of them is betelnut. Photo by tarotastic, some rights reserved –

Another WWII wreck.

A couple of the entrances to the kilometres of tunnels the Japanese army dug to take shelter from Allied air attacks, during WWII.

AMAZING photo of people watching the 1994 twin volcanic eruption from afar. The volcano on the right is Vulcan (Western name), or Kalamanagunan. See how both volcanoes are expelling ash inward, in the direction of the town. Kalamanagunan is very near my Mum’s village. Tavurvur (the volcano on the left) is near my Dad’s. The morning after the eruption started, I was trying to tune in to Agro’s Cartoon Connection when a newsflash interrupted and broadcast images like this. Then I woke up the whole house – you can imagine not knowing if family were safe (which they all were, thanks to a good disaster response plan) was a bit stressful.

A long time after the eruption... panoramic shot of harbour.

A long time after the eruption… panoramic shot of harbour. Tavurvur on the left (the smallest black mountain), Kalamanagunan – Vulcan – on the right (the big ashy-coloured mound).


What on earth am I doing being awake at this hour? On my holidays? I awoke from hunger, too. And now I want more to eat. I don’t know what is going on with this body…


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