The Healer.

Who I listen to at the moment before I do warm-up exercise… puts me in a nice easy headspace:

Erykah evolving

“…Humdi Lila Allah Jehova…”

“…Yahweh Dios Ma’ad Jah…”

“…Rastafara fyah dance…”

“….sex, music, hip-hop.”

The Healer.

3 tracks in listening to my avant-Goddess, and mothaf***er we rollin (literally… I use an armcycle ;P )


Still RE-ENERGISING... getting some air and counting your blessings is a great way to do that. So grateful and present right now 🙂

Fresh post to come. Hope you are having a good day.

Buddha headphones


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  1. […] This graphic is from my 2012 post, ‘The Healer‘. […]

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