Good morning 🙂

Just a quick update… I’m busy working towards a deadline this weekend, which is why I’m up before 8am on a Saturday (body is screaming “f*** you! This is unnatural!”) But mind is just so incredibly grateful I have this particular creative deadline. So, mind is assuaging body with fine Papua New Guinean coffee – my best friend today.

The update is this: Spring cleaning time at Just The Messenger. I’ve tidied up, added, and organised links, and updated the ‘About this Blog‘ page. It now reads:

My name is Pauline Vetuna, and this is my personal blog.

I am an INFJ. An aspiring writer with an interest in playwriting, storytelling, Pacific & Indigenous Contemporary Art, Community arts, politics, society, human rights, sustainability, philosophy, and ‘enlightenment’. Ideas are what interest me.

Physically, I live with a disability (very incomplete quadriplegia and incomplete paraplegia – long story), and am gradually overcoming a lifetime of various psycho-social ‘quirks’. Perhaps because of this, healing, psychology, and mindfulness applied to reduce suffering and maximise wellness of mind, body, and spirit are also topics of interest.

I’m also an Australian and an immigrant living in a diverse neighbourhood in the ‘burbs, having been born in Papua New Guinea, and migrating with my family shortly after. Melbourne has been home sweet home ever since. About 27 years.

As I get older, connecting to my Indigenous Pacific roots, and marrying this consciousness to my identity as an individual within a Western context, is becoming more important in my life. Marrying the two isn’t necessarily easy, though. I have come to see that identity and alienation are intimately linked.

On Just The Messenger, this obscure corner of the internet, I write about all of these things, time permitting. I publish my thoughts and lessons that I learn here, on the off chance that someone will stumble upon something they connect to every now and then. Amazingly, this does happen from time to time.

As for the tagline, “There’s a Middle Way”: the topics here may vary, but there is a connecting theme, a spirit running through every thing I write. Please read ‘ABOUT THE MESSENGER’ and especially ‘PHILOSOPHY’ for more insight.

That’s about it. Thank you for reading this far, and warm regards.


© 2010-2012 Pauline Vetuna, All Rights Reserved. If you wish to copy or use anything on this site, please seek my permission by emailing me at:


Back with a REAL post soon. In the meantime, have a look at Just The Messenger’s colour makeover, reflecting my  עץ החיים and love of rainbows (…and Skittles):


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