What we have to offer.

Every now and again, with shame and annoyance, I feel too achingly vulnerable, like I did not come equipped with the right defenses to live in this world… and then I get sent something, see something or hear something that articulates so perfectly whatever this goddam thing is that is going on inside me.

The video below, by Eliot Rausch & featuring spoken words from Charlie Kaufman, provided me with such an experience yesterday. Have a look.

Thanks to J.B. for sending it my way. “Your sensitivity is a gift” – someday I hope I really feel that, my friend. Hope you & the husband visit Victoria soon.

Think I need to write a feature script: Being Charlie Kaufman. I already have a portal into his brain….

[Still getting through the work pile, oy. But at home with the creative life. NEW POST soon!]

Power to the humble♥  

(love the SPECTACLE and athleticism of the Olympics, but this ‘toon is too sweet!)



5 Comments on “What we have to offer.”

  1. Jeanie says:

    Happy 🙂

  2. Grace V says:

    love it! my world looks like that majority of the time

  3. […] darkside of this was conveyed in these posts:  The Evil Twin. (11 Jun 2011) and  What we have to offer. (2 Aug 2012). I try to channel that energy and understanding/empathy/anger productively into […]

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