The Overthinking Game.

“I don’t like getting advice from more than one person at a time. I’m a textbook over-thinker.”

Kevin, The Office (US)

This week I am back at school and officially off Facebook (temporarily – although have been non-existent on it for a long time), after a nourishing semester break getting back to the simple things I love and peaceful sunshine on the Murray River, with filmmaking-producing wonder team Amie Batalibasi and Lia Pa’apa’a, up in Robinvale for the premier of the ‘Harmony on the Murray’ project. And what a fun premier it was! (Side note: if you are ever in Swan Hill, try the Coconut drink at Yutaka Sawa)

Upon my return I launched straight into a writing binge (is that the word? I cannot find the right word today). My preoccupation with non-blog activities is draining my mind of the energy it would take to post something cogent and substantive here right now – although my reading of other blogs continues unabated (to counteract the headaches reading news media always causes). Sorry.

So for now, I want to share with you something a friend finally referred me to – raw awesomeness in the form of a drinking game… for overthinkers:

Authored by game journo Leigh Alexander, Gamasutra editor-at-large. Female Leigh. Not that it matters.

Of course my posting this is NOT an endorsement of alcoholism or drinking – or gaming, for that matter. I am merely astonished, as I could have written this article verbatim.  And it occurred to me as I read this that if I had actually played this game a year ago, I would have needed a new liver after two weeks (a little too close to the bone).

Even today, I could substitute the implied alcoholic beverage with Pat Robertson protein shakes, and probably double my muscle mass in two months. Overthinkers – and recovering overthinkers (I would be one of them) – may find some of the hyperbolic-for-comedic-effect, insane thoughts listed in the game vaguely familiar. Just a bit.

We are a rare and f—– up breed.

One of the best antidotes I have found for this disposition is this: getting back to work, one day at a time. Slowly but surely learning to be present, and FOCUSED. Today.

I am so thankful I am getting better at it (slowly but surely… with only the occasional relapse). So if you are similarly afflicted, please remember that it does take time… and work! Be patient with yourself as you work it out. Retraining ones brain requires persistent practice. But the payoff is the most precious thing we have: life.

At the end of the year, my whole family (siblings, friendly in-laws, beautiful nieces and nephews) will be in the one place – Melbourne – for the first time ever. I have not seen some of them in six years. I am optimistic that I might actually be able to enjoy a “traditional” Victorian summer (Sorrento, weird tan lines, eating ones body weight in gelati, et cetera) without incessant mind chatter disturbing the peace.

And with my family 🙂

Hope you are having a good week. REAL post soon.


Sheeeeeet… Beck(!), Grizzly Bear, Ozomatli, Dandy Warhols, Santigold, Ben Folds and Beirut playing near my house for Harvest Fest. Ridiculous. Rather enjoyed Portishead headlining last year… perhaps we’ll go again!


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