Random Clips time!

As the title suggests, a selection of random clips.

Posting just because. Is there any better reason?

My brothers and father appeared in this episode of Frontline (02:40 my big bro firing a gun, hehe). It’s a brilliant series from the Working Dog team – a fantastic piece of satire. Particularly loved the storyline in this episode, ‘Playing the Ego Card’:

This is in my ears right now: Thievery Corporation’s “Shadow of Ourselves”. Reminds me of a gorgeous friend I knew briefly……. 🙂 back when SBS was still screening Eat Carpet:

These guys, Bombay Royale, rocked my world recently:

Ordering laksa at a takeaway recently, I was recognised by a happy fella who shouted me a beer once ages ago while watching the XX perform this. Reminded me how conspicuous a girl with a fro in a wheelchair is!:

My boys The Roots on Yo Gabba Gabba!!! Performing “Lovely, Love My Family”:

This is still heaven to ears…. By The Middle East:

This is the trailer for the film Beginners, which I annoyingly missed out on a MIFF ticket to (left it too late! Damn my depressed winter hibernation):

And I’m not afraid to say I’m really looking forward to seeing this feel-goody escapist South African/UK production, Africa United, this week. Go kids! I sincerely hope they showed you the money:





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