Support & Information! (for Spinal Cord Tumour patients)

Are you or someone you care about afflicted with a spinal cord tumour(s)?

I’ve been doing some article research today and accidentally stumbled upon the following UK based website:


I wish this website had been established when I was diagnosed back in ’97. It would have been helpful. I remember how little information there was on my rare and extensive astrocytoma. The lack of access to information alone was incredibly disempowering. Being able to communicate with other patients in the same predicament would have been, I think, empowering and comforting. Though I had a very brief involvement with CanTeen (an awesome organisation, by the way) I found the issues that I faced personally were different to the other patients I met, and the lack of understanding only compounded the isolation. So I got used to going it alone.

Anyway. Glad sites/groups like this exist now. I actually still have a tumour on my spinal cord – it’s location and scope made it too dangerous to remove, but it isn’t growing or doing anything. In fact, I only remember it’s “in there” when I come across a website like the one above. Weird.

That is all. I will post a few film reviews and run down of the News of the World/Murdoch media drama soon. And more. Stick with me, I’ll get to it, I promise.

This week though, research work for two upcoming out-of-school presentations is keeping my still recovering mind occupied and my body out of the obscenely cold weather (or is that just me?). I recently did a radio interview and an article for a national publication to promote a previous activist film project I was involved with. I’ve had a burst of inspiration to aid with progress on the TV series development (which means I am actually enjoying writing it again – I’ve made peace with the page, and my writing partner is as ever a volcano of stories). I’m also gaining much this semester that is aiding this venture directly. Knowledgeable, brutally honest teachers and fellow students lead to positive learning outcomes, in my case – humbly listen, observe, and learn. And, finally, things are getting sorted at home. Slow, steady progress. Hopeful again.

I’ll leave you now with a clip that cheers me up and chases the winter blues away – I hope you like it. Directed by Spike Jonze. Recently re-watched this DVD of his work – it’s part of a series on various directors, including Chris Cunningham (if you’ve ever seen those creepy and distinct Aphex Twin videos, this is the man responsible) and my favourite Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dave Chapelle’s Block Party, any number of awesome videos).

Watch it. Sunny afternoon, nature, cute animal friends. Ah. Evokes tender feelings of warmth within.

“We’ll never feel bad anymore……..”


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