Honest goodness

Probably not wise to write this in my current state, but here I go anyway…

I’ve just had to cut off all contact(basicallyonline) with someone from my past, after some serious deception and manipulation. It stings like a bitch, but that’s life I suppose.

Relationships of all kinds, in order to be healthy, require honest communication. It’s essential in order to build trust. Honesty requires vulnerability, too. To let someone see who you really are – not just the person you want them to think you are – is the only way to grow real love and friendship. Remember that when you think someone is manipulating you. I think I have finally learned that lesson.

Alternatively, if you are the deceiver, you need to know: if you keep hiding who you are, trying to be all-together and perfect, you’re not giving people the chance to love the real you. For your own sake, I implore you: be REAL.

I for one have my flaws and failings and phobias on display 24/7… Certainly they are on display in this blog. I think it’s healthy – my friends know up front that I’m odd. That’s how I know they are true 🙂

And if you’re the person who puts on a show in order to get someone to like you, specifically to sate your ego: please cut the bullshit. Having been on the receiving end of this nonsense I have to tell you, it really hurts to be treated like someone’s personal fanclub.


…end rambling thought.


2 Comments on “Honest goodness”

  1. Denise says:

    sorry to hear that

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