Just the Messenger 2011

Hello again 🙂

I’m back online after the most pleasant customer service experience I’ve ever had with Telstra! A lovely surprise indeed.

This post is to let you, gifted, good-looking subscriber, or random person who has stumbled across this blog after searching for “soul rebel wordpress” (one of the most popular searches that leads to this blog), know my intentions for this blog, for you and I, in 2011.

I shall be posting with renewed regularity from Sunday onward, after fulfilling my “bludge” quota for these holidays. Finding cost-free ways to enjoy myself has been the order of the day. Cost-free has meant numerous lethargic afternoons in the sun listening to music, reading, moseying around the city, and perusing the local classified pages for suitable part-time work (following a couple of leads at the moment). Now ready to kick 2011 in the dick and release some pent up energy through vigorous exercise, healthy eating and work! Can I get a “hells yeah!!!”

Anyhoo, I now have quite a few draft posts begging for attention on my computer, and shall be endeavouring to post with more discipline from Sunday onward. This is, as you may have guessed, another NY resolution – “ #14: after the holidays, try to publish one blog post a week.” The operative word here being try.

I will try and post weekly. At least every 10 days.

Continuing from last year, I will write only about things I am truly fascinated by and passionate about, from an honest, sincere place. And hopefully in an interesting and entertaining manner. From time to time I may experiment with different prose styles… I am learning how to write, after all.

Whether you find it interesting and/or entertaining is of course beyond my control. But I hope you do.

Furthermore, I will avoid posting anymore irritating “update” posts, telling you what I intend to do soon!

P.S. I was asked by my delightful friend Carly Findlay from the Tune into Radio Carly blog to write a guest post. It’s right here:



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