A little update

Hello again!

This is not a proper post – I will have one up in a few days. I am still overcoming lethargy after a poor health week. So, so tired.

This faux-post is just to say I updated my ‘About this Blog’ page today. And by updated, I mean “cut and replaced with short simple statement”. That statement being:

I’m an aspiring writer with an interest in screenwriting, creativity/arts, politics, society, health, philosophy, enlightenment. Ideas are what interest me.

I think about stuff that I care about, then I write about it here.

It’s as simple as that.

I quite liked my previous ‘about this blog’ page, a rather wordy summation of my own personal philosophy and long-term blogging intentions (i.e. what I reckon), however, I did in fact write it several months ago when I was in one of my “what my future blog will look like” meditational states. Meaning, I was drinking.

I’m kidding, of course.

The statement above is more of an accurate reflection of where I am now – figuring shit out. Scratching that perpetual mental itch that will not go away.

If you’ve been here before, you will also notice a few slight cosmetic changes to the layout. This is all due to the fact that I am S-L-O-W-L-Y figuring out how to do this blogging thing.

And my middle name is Luddite.

Until we meet again, here is a video from someone I was switched onto recently – a vlogger who has been doing this blogging thing for a while. “Jay Smooth” is a Hip-Hop fan, broadcaster & blogger from New York.  Here he gives his excellent thoughts on the importance of CIVILITY when discussing politics (or anything, really):


Sensitive new-age Hip-Hop boy? *Gasp * & *swoon*.


2 Comments on “A little update”

  1. Rellacafa says:

    ahh, you have reminded me that it’s probably about time to update my own about me! It is one of my least favourite things to write. I love yours!! Short and to the point – well done! 🙂 xx

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