It took a long time for me to get something up on the DiVine website (for editorial and circumstantial reasons I won’t go into here), but finally I have one up there – a piece on some of the upcoming free events being held to celebrate International Day of People with Disability, on the 3rd of December.

The ABC has also chosen this day to launch its new disability website called Ramp Up, under the editorial guidance of the fabulous Stella Young  (comedienne, writer and former host of No Limits on Channel 31).

They will be publishing one of my articles tomorrow and another next week. You’ll recognise both of them from this blog, if you’ve had a look around.

Ramp Up’s core audience will be the estimated one-in-five Australians living with a disability, their family and friends, people who work in the disability sector and anyone else who wants to be informed and join in the conversation.

I was happy to be asked to contribute to the website. I’m getting clearer over time, as opportunities emerge and pictures gain focus in my head, about what it is I want to write about, what issues really interest me and what areas I have something to contribute too.

And what I am interested in is the Others. Everyone outside the mainstream.

And connecting them to the mainstream.

I’m interested in everything that effects their lives: mainstream attitudes, access, politics, psychology, sexuality, identity, family, discrimination, culture, isolation, love, etc.

Which is why I’m happy to have been accepted to participate in a project exploring Melanesian Identities through discussion, storytelling and filmmaking workshops.  If nothing else, I’m hoping to make a few more connections with Pacific Islanders interested in storytelling through the filmic medium and documentary.

Meanwhile the television series writing with my partner (who is busy doing “research” interstate) slowly stammers along, while my own film idea research continues. I don’t want to discuss the concept as it is fucking crazy (I am writing it, after all). Suffice to say it’s going to be an even longer haul that the tv series. As a teacher once said to me: “Don’t shoot for the target, shoot for the moon”. Terrible advice, so naturally I took it to heart.

And in the meantime, I am still broke-ass broke. 😦

Pity me.

Or, better yet, give me work!

(a return to part-time administrative work is probably in order… we’ll see…)


7 Comments on “Tomorrow…”

  1. It’s an exciting day for us tomorrow. I am feeling sore (and a bit sorry for myself) so I am looking forward to tomorrow’s Ramp Up launch.


  2. deb chapman says:

    the mainstream has to change as its not nurturing for everyone. inc the mainstream.

    thats what i hate about the term ‘social inclusion’….They have to be included with Us. fuck that. ‘they’ are missing out. we need to build a new stream (is it main?) that embraces diversity and is not judgemental of difference.

    anyway, thats what i reckon.

    love ya work woman. keep on writing…hmm, but sori bout the money situation 🙂

  3. deb chapman says:

    I meant “us” are missing out. good grief. you know what i mean i hope. its the notion of being included. to what? the includers shouldnt set the bar and boundaries.

    wish i could write these thoughts proper good stead of downupside.


    • pjvetuna says:

      I know what you meant Deb 🙂

      And I actually agree mostly, despite my wording above. Creating a new culture based on a higher awareness, changing outworn cultural attitudes (both mainstream AND minority) is what I’m interested in.

  4. rellacafa says:

    The Ramp Up launch has been exciting! I think it’s going to be a great way to help connect people, like you wrote (more eloquently) 😀 I am pleased to hear you will be writing, as I have been really enjoying your blog. I have some contributions coming up also, all very exciting! x

    • pjvetuna says:

      Ramp Up really is looking good 🙂 Lots of comments on various posts, great range of perspectives and topics already. I look forward to reading your articles! Your videos and writing are fabulous. x

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