Thank YOU!

Appreciating the big and little things right now…

Thankyou to my mother, who cared for a disturbed teenager through the toughest years of her life, and still cooks meals for this 26-year-old princess because the kitchen isn’t modified to accommodate my disability.

Thankyou to my father, who goes to work everyday but looks forward, longingly, to the day he doesn’t have to anymore. Thanks to you, I know what integrity at work looks like. Hope I can live up to that model some day.

Thankyou to my brother, who instinctively assists me around the house without me even having to ask. Ever. And for being the only person in the family who gets my sense of humour.

Thankyou to my brother who seems to send me articles about exactly what I am thinking about, or thinking I need to know about, at that moment. And for showing me how to just shut up, get on with business and ‘seize the day’. And to my sister in law, with whom you are raising amazing little people.

Thankyou to my sister, who is raising an exceptional family and administering healing to kids that really need it in tough, tough circumstances.  Two years I haven’t seen you but I think of you often. And my brother in law, who always has your back.

Thankyou to the man who walked me to my bus stop in the rain under his umbrella the other day even though he was going the other way. That was a fair walk. But it saved me a whole day of discomfort you cannot comprehend. Thanks mate.

Thankyou to my body, that has survived illness, damage, intense surgeries, extreme pain, sleep deprivation, and all manner of abuse I have subjected it to over a decade. And still, it has been cooperating with my request that it get up at 7am to write everyday (well…almost everyday). Going against my body’s bias towards the night and giving my eyes the charming appearance of a panda. You champion. You shaky, chronically painful, bane-of-my-existence champion.

Thankyou to all the friends and acquaintances who have encouraged me to keep pursuing my goals, my way, against overwhelming (but, I now know, not insurmountable) odds … even though the interim poverty is tough to live with.

Thankyou to my blogging friend who I had lunch with the other day for telling me to get off my arse and get networked (in a manner of speaking). Until that moment I had still only really viewed this blog as a self-therapy, an online diary. You’ve altered my perspective. Sound advice I will take…eventually.

Thankyou to my 2 email subscribers, 2 blog subscribers and 7 people that have told me they have visited my island on the internet :-PLOL!

And thankyou to the 13 people who have left 32 comments here.

I hope I’m improving… perhaps I should re-name this blog “Working shit out in my head… on the internet”.

I don’t know why I don’t feel more embarrassed about pouring out the contents of my mind here… clearly I have no shame. (No, that’s not true. I have shame. Plenty).

…..a new post tomorrow.


P.S. I’m about to exercise. In the MORNING. This is a strange new development.


8 Comments on “Thank YOU!”

  1. Rellacafa says:

    Thank YOU for a very inspiring post. I love the way you have worded your love for your body… I can relate a lot! Made me giggle 🙂

    • pjvetuna says:


      It’s always a volatile relationship when your body is so…difficult. I see mine as almost a separate being that I have to live with, against my will. But always try to remind myself that she’s been through enough without me being mean to her too 😉

      BTW great YouTube channel!

  2. deb chapman says:

    you are, of course, a Mad Woman!

    and it is always a Pleasure and a Delight to read what you are writing. I never, ever know what is gonna pop out next and I LOVE that!

    and it always, without fail, moves me. and makes me think. now that’s a dangerous mix!

    keep on going, Mad Woman. overwhelming but not insurmountable. xx d

  3. and thank YOU for sharing your thoughts on this blog:)

  4. Susan A. says:

    Very nice post. Sometimes we need to take a step back and remember what we have. You helped remind me of that!

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