Love, Let Go… and love again

The article linked below is one of the best pieces of relationship advice I have ever read. I have learned (the good old-fashioned hard way) that love and possession are not the same, and to not project my expectations on the people I love. It seems to me that the best thing you could ever say to someone you care for is this: “I love you, right now. Not who you were, not who you will be, but who you are, this very moment.” Something I will remember for my future committed relationship. Thanks to D Chapman for sharing this article.

Love’s Dilemma by Trish Deitch.

My favourite bit:

“And staying aware of how everything—everything—is impermanent brings its own gift: the possibility of real love.”


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  1. 🙂

    how the hell did you get to be so wise so young?? ive had many broken hearts to learn this lesson!!

    • Comes down to that basic understanding again: change is inevitable… the only constant… something I must repeatedly remind myself of… clinging to people or the way things were inevitably brings pain…

  2. 6 = love, 5 = freedom,

    6 + 5 = 11 = BALANCE.


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