Back to school! And writing the feature, future

I am so HAPPY to be back at school.

And it’s going to be one heck of a semester. I’ve embarked on my first attempt at writing a feature film (the pre-writing will form the assessments for one of my classes, and the first draft of the feature is a pre-requisite for one of my second year subjects). Will also be writing a show in groups in one of my classes, which should be interesting indeed.

Also continuing development of the dram-edy tv series with my now interstate-relocated friend. Our idea (which was bizarrely conceived by both of us at the same time independently… hello synchronicity) is morphing into something greater than I had initially anticipated. It has been tricky working on it while I study screenwriting, though. Every week I learn something new and want to re-write, which has consequently changed the way I’m approaching this task.

I have a mountain of work in front of me. Yay!


2 Comments on “Back to school! And writing the feature, future”

  1. debchapman says:

    love this! sounding like good energy for ya Woman! Go girl! xox d

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